Complimentary 30 Minute Coffee Chat To Get You Started

Hello Beautiful,

Are you thinking about turning your passions into a business but dont know where to start? 

Would you like to start your own purpose-driven business but struggle to get over the negative voices in your head?

Would you like to ask a few questions to someone who's done it before deciding if impact entrepreneurship is right for you? 

I'd love to help because I've done it too! 

melissa ngui book a call

Grab your favorite cup of coffee and join me for a 30 minute call over coffee.  

 Coffee Chat Discussion Points 

  • What you need to prepare for your Journey: Taking the plunge of the corporate ladder is a calculated endeavour that you must work your way up to. Similar to preparing for a marathon, we'll discuss some strategies to make your journey realistic so you can cross the finish line.
  • How to get mentally Unstuck: Fear is a frame of mind that has real limiting implications on what we think we can and cannot do. I'll share how I gradually became more hopeful and confident in my capabilities to make things happen.
  • What's your G.R.O.W formula: What are your goals? Where are you right now in relation to accomplishing your goals? What obstacles stand in your way? What's a realistic way forward to achieve your goals?
  • How to remove Self Doubt from the Picture: You no longer need to struggle with the crazy "what ifs". I'll try my best to help you squash negative self talk through my own experience of going off on my own and meditation.

TIP: I hope to share my own experiences and what I've learnt from others so you can avoid the time wasters, haters and naysayers and set a plan in motion to make it happen. Go kick ass :)